CSGO Team Shuffle

Wed 18th Nov 2015 - 5:24am : Gaming : General

To start things off, wed like to welcome our newest team to Sustenance for CSGO, The Squad is comprised of Lnxa, Nervous, Prodigity, Phog, and Smilez. We are excited to work with them, and cannot wait to see the great results we achieve together! As for our past CS teams, this week, we mourn the loses of Sustenance.Red, Sustenance.Blue, and Sustenance.Green. Red was disbanded due to inactivity and the leader persuing a future esports career in cod, whom might make a return to Sustenance soon [;)] Blue was disbanded as the roster was left picked apart piece by piece, and not wanting to lead or take part in CS, N0body stepped down. K0zAh had thought about reforming the squad, but decided it was time to lay the color to rest. Green's departure is directly due to 2 memember being removed and re-added by Owner K0zAh due to disrespect the org and players in the org. After being re-added, the team decided as a whole to leave Sustenance as it wasnt the same before the incident.

Sustenance is glad to still have Black,  Canada, and our AM/IM team with us. And looks to persue further with these 3 squads.




Zack H

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